Chaos Initiative

Taking Source Engine to the next level

We're a group of people improving and building upon Valve's Source Engine to share features across projects and in return make them available to everyone.

How we started

Chaos Initiative was founded through our frustration of how closed off and non-collaborative the Source Engine licensing community seemed to have been.
The path to getting Source Engine's source code was untransparent and confusing. And even then, the few people that actually had access would often not make use of it properly and never release a game, wasting all their efforts.

We're trying to change this for the better by encouraging collaboration and opening up our engine base for anyone to contribute to it and use it for their own games.

How do I join Chaos Initiative?

Anybody can apply to join us, but there are some hard requirements that have to be fulfilled under any circumstances.

  1. You must be at least 18 years old
  2. You have to speak and understand english
  3. You must have knowledge in programming (Show us your projects)
  4. You must have never broken Valve NDA or had any other negative experiences with Valve like it
Note: You can still apply if you're not already under Valve NDA

Ready to join us?

Join our Discord Server and direct message any of us or send an E-Mail to [email protected]