Chaos Source Wiki

This repository contains the markdown pages for the wiki


Everybody can contribute to the wiki. Please just fork this repo, commit your changes to a new branch and then create a pull request!


Pull requests are thoroughly reviewed before being accepted. All contributions must adhere to these guidelines

Pages have to

  • be related to Chaos Source
  • not be a duplicate of an existing page
  • contain formal, passive language (No I think or Next you go to)

Please do

  • embed images or videos that showcase what is being explained
  • add links wherever possible
  • use proper, rich markdown styling

Please don't

  • create pages for general Hammer Editor tutorials
  • advertise
  • add malicious links or (any) downloads

Images and other media

We don't host any images ourselves. This helps with versioning and reduces workload. Please upload media that should be embedded into a page to some file hosting service like imgur


The online wiki is automatically updated every time this repository receives a new commit


This wiki is programmed in-house in ASP.NET 5.